Are you ready to ROCK? Well, a guy on Craigslist sure is.

Even though Craigslist has the potential to be both a treasure trove and a grease fire all at the same time, sometimes you gotta give someone credit for just trying to make a buck and follow their dream.

That's why I stopped in the middle of my usual Lubbock Craigslist doom scrolling when I saw this rather unusual post.

Screenshot via Craigslist
Screenshot via Craigslist

The ad reads:

Singer searching for a band that needs a singer or musicians looking to start a band. Serious inquiries only. I’m ready to gig.
Lead Singer with 30 years of singing experience in live events, touring, and different venues. I’m able to sing many cover songs for different genre if music from country, rock, tejano, mariachi, Cumbia, classic rock, contemporary, gospel, etc.

Now, being trained as a professional troll, I am usually dialed in to things that I can poke fun at and exploit in a cheap grab for pageviews. This, however, is different. This appears to be a genuine request from someone who just wants to perform and entertain the folks. Besides, don't tell me there isn't a band SOMEWHERE in Lubbock that's not looking for a new front man (person) to belt out Freebird.

I mean, after all...Journey replaced Steve Perry with a homeless guy they found on YouTube. JOURNEY, for crying out loud, and they're playing at a United Supermarket!

(Oh, that's United Supermarkets ARENA? You sure about that, skippy?)

Let's get this guy a gig.

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