Every once in a while, you may notice someone riding around town in the bed of a truck. It seems that the majority of the time, they are holding some furniture to keep it from falling out, or maybe heading over to a job site. It's not really common, but it definitely happens. Sometimes, you may even see a kid riding in the back.  As dangerous as it might be, is it actually legal to ride in the bed of a truck in Texas?

Let's see what Texas law has to say...

It may sound kind of crazy, but Texas actually doesn't have any laws forbidding adults over the age of 18 to ride in the bed of a truck, or in the back of a trailer. Children, however, are definitely not allowed to do it.

There are some exceptions to the rule for minors under 18. They are allowed to ride in an open truck bed if one of the following reasons applies to the scenario:

-They are being transported from one field to another on a farm-to-market road, a county road outside of a municipality, or a ranch-to-market road.

-The vehicle is traveling on a beach.

-The minor is riding in the only vehicle operated by members of their household.

-The minor is in the vehicle for a hayride that is permitted by the county or municipality in which it occurs.

-They are in riding in the bed of a truck during a parade permitted by the county or municipality.

-They are riding in the bed of a truck during an emergency situation.

Riding in a truck bed seems like a great way to die, and you should probably avoid it at all costs. I'm honestly surprised I don't see more adults doing it around town, given that it is completely legal here. Texans enjoy pushing the envelope, even when it may be dangerous, but it looks like most of us know better than to try our luck and end up going airborne and into a ditch.

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