A discussion online about Josie's Restaurant prompted me to wonder whether or not it was still one of Lubbock's go-to late-night burrito spots. It used to be a favorite of mine growing up but I've not visited it in quite some time. There are so many other new places to choose from these days, that Josie's just doesn't seem to be at the top of the list anymore.

According to several Lubbock residents, Josie's just isn't what it used to be. However, many die-hard Josie's fans out there believe it's just as good as it's always been. Here are a few of the comments I read online:

"My grandpa still swears by it and they always have a big line for breakfast burritos. However, I'd choose Picantes any day of the week."

"I still love Josies, eating it now! I live around the block now..."

"Josie's lost its appeal when they started making their burritos look like pinner joints and giving you attitude at the window."

"It’s too expensive. If I’m paying out my wazooo I’d rather eat somewhere nice."

"They were the only place open. We got someone else's order. So if you want random food at 3 am, Josie's is the place to go."

"It's not what it used to be. We stopped going there a few years ago."

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"I’ll put it this way, when I come to visit, I HAVE to stop at Picante's. Josie’s never crosses my mind. However, I used to love going to the lunch buffet at the Slide location."

"Terrible food, terrible service. I wouldn't eat there if I were starving to death and it was the last place on earth."

"The one closest to me is on 34th & Q. Whenever I go there, they always ignore me."

"Josies was always good growing up, but Rosita's was the place especially if you wanted a  Carne Guisada burrito. Sadly no longer open."

"I only eat Josies when I want to spend $15 on 2 burritos and pay an extra $1 for the hot sauce while I'm super drunk knowing damn well it's going to mess my stomach up in the morning."

"I love Josie's. But Polibertos might have them beat nowadays."

Looks like a pretty good mix of opinions. What do you think? Is Josie's STILL the place the go when you want good food to eat? Comment below or on our Facebook page if you absolutely adore Josie's OR if you spend your money elsewhere these days.

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