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Cookies are in many ways the perfect food: rich, sweet, cute, and portable. They remind us of celebrations, holidays and parties. They are made with love in ovens across America, either by grandmothers or realtors that really want to work that Open House.

When I was recently sick with COVID-19 my grandmother mailed me a box of tea, elderberry, and cookies. It was so thoughtful and kind I actually cried a little. But don't tell grandma, she's not the type to approve of over-sentimentality, even if she inspires it.

December 4th is National Cookie Day, admittedly, there is a day for everything under the sun it seems, but I believe cookies have a rightful place on the calendar.

If you are looking for delicious, beautiful cookies, check out these choices from native Lubbockites. Well, there is one Shallowater person but I'll not be convinced that Shallowater isn't Lubbock's hat.

Remember, supporting small businesses truly helps your neighbors build their dreams- and in return, they'll help you build yours.  When you spend on small, much more of that money stays in our local economy and therefore has a much better chance of coming back to you.

Lubbock Cookie Bakers

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