I may have been married for decades, but I respect where you're at.

I think it's perfectly fine if you are single. I don't put any stigma on that at all. Some people are better alone, some people won't settle and some people have someone just around the corner.

I bring this up because I thought I'd Google "Lubbock Singles" just to see what was up for Valentine's Day. The top-ranked sites on Google apparently all want to cram some love and happiness down your throat and more than a few want your money too.

First on the list is the site "Plenty Of Fish" which comes on with all the subtlety of live porn cams. Then there's a site called "Dating Advice" which I don't know what's up there because my company computer has banned the website!  Coming in third it's Match.com.

After that (un) holy trinity of online matchmakers comes "Our Time" which is for older singles. Finally, a local website pops up, the Facebook Page for Lubbock Singles.

Some people think that Valentine's Day puts singles under a microscope at this time and it really shouldn't...because Valentine's Day puts everybody under a microscope at this time. In fact, if you're single, please try to enjoy the fact that you don't have to try to please anyone but yourself on February 14th because the whole ordeal can be a lot.

I just wanted to let you know that whatever pressures you feel are wounds you're inflicting on yourself. Enjoy your singleness. Eat what you want for dinner. Watch the movie you want to watch. Surround yourself with awesome pets. Enjoy your singleness because you can.  Whatever's going to happen is going to happen and probably not because someone is trying to sell it to you.

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