You cannot protect people from themselves.  It's also not your place to say when a person can have a drink.  Old prohibitions on liquor sales based on antiquated thinking or religious  teachings are out of synch with the real world.  More after the jump.

There is a bill in the Texas legislature that would expand hours for liquor sales in Texas.  Among the roadblocks in the way is the really far reach that this would just be path to getting liquor into grocery stores, making it slightly harder to police (or so they think). That one that sounds like a bit of a reach to me.  One of the other biggest complaints is actually from mom and pop liquor stores who say opening on Sundays would actually decrease their bottom lines.  To that I say, sorry, but we live in a free market society and if you're not willing to get your butt out of bed on Sundays to compete, then somebody else will.

It's simple.  People no longer work Monday through Friday from nine to five. Oilfield guys for instance will work ten on and ten off and so on (or something to that effect).  Why should the people who sacrifice and work these odd hours be penalized because their day off falls on Sunday?  If liquor is going to be legal and stay legal, then restricting access to grown people is ridiculous.