It is with great sadness that I heard of another teen suicide this week. Who knows what drives any person to such despair, but the feeling that there's nothing good in the future certainly can't help.

We are in some crazy times, that's for sure. The one thing that is always constant though is change. Whether you like where we're at or not, it certainly won't be where we are at in a few years. Over the next few years, we could find a way to have peaceful dialogue and a little less fighting. Yeah, it could get worse, but I kind of like to always look at the sunny side of thing and I actually think most people do as well.

It's time to start speaking of hope so that your kids have hope. It's time to pass along positive attitudes and really cherish the good times. Adding constant negativity to the ball of emotions that is a teenager is just a recipe for disaster. Let your kids know that things have been worse and things always tend to get better. Give them hope and love and maybe they'll stick around long enough to see that life has it's ups and downs but it's a really fun ride.

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