Clear your Wednesday night schedule Lubbock and enjoy this one night only musical show. On March 6 The Blue Light Live will be opening their doors to a different kind of bands for one night with a different feel.

To the Stage

New Mexico Junior College's Touring Ensemble class, Fearless, will be performing at The Blue Light Live on Wednesday, March 6. This concert will start at 10 p.m. and doors open at 9 p.m. for anyone 21 and up, cover to get in is just $5. Opening the show will be the Lubbock rock band Von Tez who recently won the Battle of the Bands at Jake's Backroom, hosted by Different Fronts Same Mission, and will be opening Tacos and Tequila Festival.

Von Tez, Jacob Martinez
Von Tez, Jacob Martinez

Back to School

So what is the New Mexico Junior College Touring Ensemble class? Well it's an audition-based ensemble class directed/produced by Director/Professor Dustin Garrett. The purpose of this band is to travel and showcase the incredible Entertainment and Music Technology program at New Mexico Junior College in a 90-minute concert. Along with the concert this class also teaches students what it's like to be a touring musician like advancing show dates, preparing technical stage plots, and connecting with an audience when off and on the stage.


Fearless will be playing songs from famous artists of different genres like Bruno Mars, Jelly Roll, Tupac, Eminem, Imagine Dragons and much more. Haiden Sanchez, a scholarship student and percussionist, states that since being in the program he has grown immensely with the touring ensemble. Learning how to work with tracks, how to mic up his drums for the best sound, and how to dynamically play for the emotion of the song. Sanchez is just one of many students taking full advantage of the opportunities like Vsion, who is a student, rapper, composer, and engineer. Vsion states that he has learned to work with others and communicate effectively to ensure success.

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