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Rooster’s Favorite Local Lubbock Of All Time – Black Obsidian
I recently saw a Facebook post asking who was your favorite local guitarist/singer? As I thought about all my friends through the years I could answer that question but I can say who is my all time favorite local band and the love of this band along with other local bands I started my career at 94.5…
Lubbock Local Live Music Information
I know there are several fans of live local music and supporting the scene we love. But let's say that you want to check out something different, where would you look to get some information?
Darren Welch & Wes Nessman-Our Cheesy Past [VIDEO]
Uh yeah, I'm going there. Somewhere around 1982-1983 I believe FMX recorded an album with local musicians. We then filmed videos in a local club called Abbey Road. The video "special" which aired around 11-12 at night was hosted by me in full 80's regalia! Yes, I'm pointing this out to you…
Real Punk Rules The Depot District
Y0u might not believe it, but I was a pretty serious punk rocker.  Now keep in mind that punk pretty much lived and flamed out between'77-'81.  Now there's been plenty of bands keeping the flame burning, but when it comes to 'biggies' of the movement, there was jus…

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