Indego will be celebrating the release of their third album this weekend at Jake's Backroom with a badass show featuring performances from other local faves and a few out-of-towners. These dudes put on a great show and have become local icons in the 806 music game. If you've never heard of them, you probably don't get out much, which is an even better reason to head over to Jake's this weekend for a stellar time.


I caught up with Indego frontman Daniel Wooldridge to get the deets about the new album release. Here's what he had to say:

"Actually Average is our third full-length album release and it arrives on September 23rd! We recorded at Crossroads Recording Studio at Texas Tech University with Aaron Prentice. The show features two bands from the DFW metroplex. Said the People is a southern rock band from the Dallas area and they are an awesome group! Also, we will be bringing our best buds Nygma from DFW to celebrate! Local support features Ghostlux and Jeune, two amazing bands who have been part of our lineups in the past! This is gonna be an awesome show and we can't wait to celebrate with everyone!"

And, again, if you've never heard Indego, do yourself a favor and jam one of my favorite songs below:

This is a great night to come out and support local musicians who continue to rock Lubbock and keep the scene fresh. You guys are badass and we're excited for your new album. Can't wait for the show!

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