There's a wild video going viral on TikTok right now of a couple of criminals stealing an ATM from a 7/11 convenience store in Waco, Texas. These idiots didn't even bother to conceal their license plate number before committing the crime.


I feel like if you're gonna go out there and do illegal should at least try to be good at it. Jeez. These dudes are just begging to get caught if they haven't been already.

The footage shows a white truck ripping the ATM out and smashing the window before the men heave it into a truck bed and speed away. The audio from the video captures shocked onlookers scrambling to get the license plate numbers for the police. The entire ordeal only seemed to take them a minute or so. It happened very quickly.

Check it out below:

The comment section below the video is full of shock, awe, and hilarity. Here are some of my favorites:

"Legend has it he is still trying to close the tailgate."

"Imagine working there knowing that ATM has been out of money for a decade."

"Yellow shirt was risking it all. How I would be looking for my Dr. Pepper casually."

"TBH the way this rent is looking..."

"Don't ATMs have GPS in them?"

"Was I the only one who thought dude was going to roll out the back of the truck when it took off??"

"Apparently they've never seen Breaking Bad."

"At least he used his blinker"

Alright, that's enough of that...

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