I recently saw a Facebook post asking who was your favorite local guitarist/singer? As I thought about all my friends through the years I could answer that question but I can say who is my all time favorite local band and the love of this band along with other local bands I started my career at 94.5 FMX.

Let's take you way back to the MySpace days when I first met Steph of The DeemWorthy which was a page dedicated to local music and to someone that was wanted to be involved in local music this was the prefect start. I messaged Steph and we became close friends and she was telling me about one of her favorite local bands Black Obsidian.

I had put together a BBQ and invited over the guys of Black Obsidian so we could all get to know each other, because I would later be doing a review for ta show they had booked. I remember drummer Manuel Gonzales and bassist Roc Cloud came to the house and after Roc hitting on my Mom and getting down some grub we became fast friends and I told them I would see them at the show.

When I went to the show I was then introduced to lead guitarist Jimmy Briones and lead singer David Rodriguez. When I saw Black Obsidian for the first time I remember the power that the4 band had and the command that lead singer David Rodriguez had over the stage, I was literally blown away with this band.

It was around this time that I went to the FMX studio to record a segment called my perfect 10. My perfect 10 was a feature of FMX where a listener would come to the FMX studio and sit in with the night jock which was Heathen at that time and he would play your track and you would get your chance to talk about your favorite songs. In my top songs was Black Obsidian's "Cast A Shadow" which I would later tattoo on my chest.

There were several more shows that I would see my bro's in Black Obsidian perform. I would then get a chance to be a FMX DJ and be apart of the Lubbock Music Scene. It was then I was introduced to Jason and Brandon of J & B Productions but that is a entire story in it's own and will be told one day.

As I continue my radio career I still remember the very early days of myself and supporting local music. I still love to make it out to as many local shows as I can and I throw my horns up to all the local bands not just metal but those that continue to play music and support this community.

If you didn't get to see Black Obsidian back in the day, then you missed a band that had a huge impact on my career in radio along with how I presented myself when I went out. You can see in the pictures of vocalist David Rodriguez how I took after his style his flare and his take on rock and roll. I give all kinds of credit to my brothers in Black Obsidian and how they are a part of of my radio career.

Support local music because they support you.


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