Tonight if you are looking for something to get into, there are a few venues that are hosting local music tonight and i have your details.

Jack's Backroom
Jack's Backroom


Jake's Backroom and Backstage Live! are both hosting local bands in their respective venues and both have awesome talent that you need to checkout.

Up first is Jake's Backroom with Phishkale headlining with support from our brothers in Redeemed Chaos, GMan, Sybot and Saint Solution.

Doors are at 7pm with a $5 cover for over and $8 for under with the first band taking the stage at 730pm located at 50th and Slide.

Backstage Live!has a taste of the old school in the local metal scene with This Soul Divided taking the stage at 11pm.

Kill Or Be Killed - 1015 - 1045

The Moment I Feared - 930 - 10

Chaotic - 845 - 915

Disastrophe - 8 - 830

Doors 7pm with a $5 cover located at 18th and Texas.

Make sure to pick your poison and support local music and local music venues tonight in Lubbock.




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