The 4th of July has passed, but firework season still seems to be going strong in Texas.

Although many of us prefer to keep the festivities to one night, that is not the universal consensus as people are seemingly setting off fireworks every night of July, not just the fourth.

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If you are done with the explosive fun but still have some fireworks left over that you don’t want to waste, then go ahead and store them until next year.

For many homeowners, their attic is their primary storage space for seasonal items. So, it is important to know whether or not it is safe to store your fireworks up there in Texas. I sure don’t want any mishaps in my home and I’m sure you feel that same.

When storing fireworks, you want to keep them dry, away from flammable materials like oil or paint, and away from any possible ignition sources like a water heater.

With all of this considered, you can technically store them safely in your attic, but it is ideal to store them away from living areas and outside of your home. For example, you can store them in a locked shed.

If you have no other place to put them, then you can store them in your attic. Just make sure they are sealed in plastic along with a packet of silica gel to avoid moisture, keep them away from other flammable materials as stated before, and put them in a fireproof container if you want to be extra safe.

If you are worried about the Texas heat setting the fireworks off, that shouldn’t be an issue as the gunpowder in them much reach 867 degrees Fahrenheit which wouldn't happen in your attic without a physical flame.

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