Imagine driving down a Texas highway when suddenly you are passed by a jet ski. No, not a jet ski on a trailer being towed to the nearest lake, just a jet ski on its own. But wait, it’s not a regular jet ski, it’s a motorcycle too.


I can’t imagine how confusing that would be to see during a normal commute. Are you in a dream? Is someone playing a trick on you? Nope. It is a real thing that someone owns in the Houston, Texas area.

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There is a video of the unique vehicle that was shared on @htxtrending on Instagram. It looks like a motorcycle that has been modified with the body of a jet ski added to it.

I have no clue how they did this, the functionality of it, or how the idea came to be, but I think it is fantastic and sure to be a crowd pleaser at bike meetups, rallies, and car shows.

We are all wondering...

My biggest question has to do with its functionality. I really want to know if it is just a motorcycle that looks like a jet ski, or if it still functions in the water. Will it float? Can you steer in the water? I have so many questions.

Either way, it is a very fun vehicle but is probably the craziest thing on Texas roads right now. If you’ve seen something crazier, be sure to let me know!

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