Did You Know That Boleo Was in a Tejano Music Video?
Yes, it is true! Last year at this time I was honored to be asked to participate in the video for Devin Banda’s "Yo No Soy Asi."
At that time, I was working for a local Tejano station on the morning show. I had gotten to know LOTS of Tejano artists very well, in…
Boleo’s Top 5 Selena Songs
Selena month is coming to a close, and I thought to myself:
"What better way to end things than with my top 5 pics for best Selena songs!"
So here we go!
Number 5 - Baila Esta Cumbia
This is such an energetic song for the period, her vocals really stand out and she proved to the world …
Today Is the 20th Anniversary of the Death of Selena
It was 20 years ago today that Tejano star Selena was murdered.
Selena was on her way up and poised to cross over big time. She really was set to be the "Mexican Madonna." I can't even imagine all of the things this lady could have accomplished if she was still alive.
Found Porn: What Do You Think This Monkey Is Doing?
Aw you damn whippersnappers. Back in the day Maxim Magazine was a laugh riot, kind of like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue meets National Lampoon. There was also a publication called "Stuff" and it was more life the Swimsuit Issue meets Mad or Cracked Magazine.
This May Be One Of The Best Takes On Wrestling Ever [VIDEO]
Clear your plate for about 24 minutes. Yeah, it will go by like it's about five though.  I guess to a degree you'd call this a "documentary" or maybe it's just the reenactment of the last 20 years of the W.W.E., but whatever it is, it's fantastic.

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