If you were in Lubbock, or any portion of Texas, then you might have seen something in the night sky Sunday, July 23. That UFO, unidentified flying object, was seen and recorded by hundreds of people as it flew through the night sky. It could be have been the mothership coming to Texas because everything is bigger in the Lonestar state but some people have a more reasonable explanation.

The object seen in the video above could be little green men or the anunaki coming back to take what's theirs or it could just be humans. Many Texans took to social media to comment on the many videos circulating the web. Some people believe that it was a satellite breaking through the atmosphere as it finished it's job in space.

That day, July 23, SpaceX actually had a launch of their Falcon 9 22 Starlink satellites which many people speculate is what the object was in the sky that night. Video of the launch as it flew through the sky can be scene on the Space X website as it soared through the night. The video filmed from the object itself does seem to match a lot of what people filmed from the ground.

Was it the SpaceX Falcon 9 22 Starlink satellites, aliens, or even the cow that jumped over the moon? Probably the first guess as the trajectory of the satellites flight pattern can also be found online and shows it passing straight through Texas. Another launch occurred on July 19 and another UFO was spotted on July 13 so it seems like this is a regular thing we might have to get used to. So don't worry Texas we are not being invaded but instead just witnessed a satellite as it made it's way through the sky. Maybe.

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