Getting killed would probably be awful.

Image by SplitShire from Pixabay and Image by Ezequiel Octaviano from Pixabay
Image by SplitShire from Pixabay and Image by Ezequiel Octaviano from Pixabay

Driving As Zen

I have developed a very Zen like approach to driving. I realize that the other drivers, in their hearts, probably did not wake up with the intention of driving poorly. In almost all cases their trespasses against other drivers are just accidents, things they didn't see, or other completely excusable facts. While many are probably distracted for reasons they can prevent, I still try to keep this Zen state of mind, because I have a very short fuse.

The Exception

There is one thing I cannot tolerate, and I faced it again yesterday. Yesterday while coming off the interstate I was cut off by a black car. I keep my cool and told myself that the driver just didn't see me for some reason. Then I looked over and the woman had her phone on the steering wheel looking at texts or videos and occasionally looking up at the road.

The Facts

In 2022 in Lubbock, there were 321 crashes, 141 with injuries as a result of distracted driving. In 2021 in the U.S., 8% of fatal crashes involved distracted driving, for a total of 3,521 people killed. It's just dumb to be looking at your phone while on the road. The fact is, you are not that important. Anything happening to you can wait until you stop.

Stay Alive

If you want to stay alive in Lubbock, stay off the phone when driving. Keep in mind that the other people are out there doing dumb stuff so you shouldn't add to the mess. Some of us out there are trying to be considerate of your lack of driving skills, don't make us regret our decision.

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