Halloween is getting closer and, in spirit of spooky season, legendary shock rocker Alice Cooper revealed his five favorite horror films as well as who the best movie vampire ever is.

This could be a case of "it takes one to know one." Cooper will turn 76 in February, yet remains in remarkably great performing and touring shape, still one of the busiest and most capable acts in rock. Has he been blessed/cursed with the gift of ever-lasting life, perhaps hiding a pair of bite marks beneath his collared shirts?

No, he's not a vampire himself (unless you count his band status in Hollywood Vampires). He does feed on his crowds though, but not in a blood-sucking manner, instead feeling the charge of their collective energy to fuel him nightly onstage.

But, having been entrenched in playing the dark, mischievous outcast/misfit character for generations, he's an authority when it comes to horror and vampires, as evidenced in a newly published video on social media.

He first shouts out AlienThe ExorcistSuspiria and Feast among his favorites, also roping the classic Evil Dead into the conversation when talking about the latter.

That leaves one movie — Alice Cooper's favorite horror film of all time...

Alice Cooper's Favorite Horror Film + Best Movie Vampire

Salem's Lot (1979)

Cooper selects the 1979 movie adaptation of Stephen King's 1975 book Salem's Lot as not only his favorite horror click ever, but also says that the vampire character Kurt Barlow (played by Reggie Nalder) is the best of its kind.

Yes, that means the menacing Count Orlok from the 1922 classic Nosferatu is, at best, second place!

Offering his reasons, Cooper says in the video (seen below), "Salem's Lot was made for TV, but Barlow was one of the great — maybe the best vampire I ever saw because they kept talking about him and you never saw him. They kept talking about him and talking about him and there were five or six of the greatest scenes in any move I've ever seen, in that one movie."

Citing a couple examples, the musician first points out, "When finally he [Barlow] shows up, the guy is in a jail cell and he's kind of waking up and you just see this jail cell open. And the whole screen is [makes noise] and it's Barlow. I went [shock face] because I wasn't expecting that. I went, 'This movie is really good.' I mean, from the beginning to end."

View all of the Barlow scenes from Salem's Lot in the video compilation below.

Every On-Screen Appearance by Barlow in Salem's Lot

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Alice Cooper's Five Favorite Morror Movies

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