WTF happened this year? How is it already almost 2024? Why does it seem like society is becoming more unhinged as the days go by?

These are serious questions. The last year or so post-COVID has just been a whirlwind of chaos, and the world of music hasn't been immune to it. In fact, it seems like a lot of the craziest things actually happened in music, so we've been left confused and scratching our heads quite a bit.

A study done in May by No Deposit Fan actually revealed that people believe concert crowds have become a lot more "rude and disruptive" over the last few years, leading to an overall more volatile concert experience for many. Music fans in Kentucky and Maine reported seeing the most drastic increase in aggressive audience behavior, which came as a bit of surprise.

Then, there was that period around in the middle of 2023 where artists left and right were being hit with things onstage that were thrown by a member of the crowd. It didn't seem to affect many rock or metal musicians, but that's almost the type of environment where you'd expect to see that kind of behavior — not at a pop or country show.

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Kid Rock went to war with Bud Light. Tommy Lee posted even more nude photos, as if we didn't see enough of his exposed self in the summer of 2022. Alright, so maybe these are some less-surprising moments, but we're here to refresh your memory as to WTF happened this year.

Scroll below for the biggest WTF moments in rock and metal in 2023.

The Biggest WTF Moments of 2023

The biggest WTF moments in rock + metal in 2023.

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