Motionless in White frontman Chris Motionless isn't known for sticking to one hairstyle over the years, and after wearing hats for much of the last year, he's now shared a "huge look transformation" on his social media. And... fans are, once again, freaking out.

Earlier this year, Motionless in White fans grew restless on social media after the vocalist wore a beanie during the band's ShipRocked performance in January. Dubbed "beaniegate," many of his followers questioned what he was "hiding" underneath the hat. In turn, the singer trolled them by sharing a video taking off the beanie, only to reveal another beanie underneath.

"No big deal — I'm not hiding anything, nothing's going on. You all gotta let it go," he said at the end of the clip.

Since then, he's frequently sported hats during their performances, covering the bleach blonde hair he's donned for a while now. But yesterday (Sept. 7), the musician shared a teaser on his social media, and has finally revealed his new, spiked look. The tone of his hair looks purple in the photos too, which you can see below.

"Kicking off spooky season with a huge look transformation," he wrote, before thanking his team for assisting with it. "9 months of wearing beanies and hats ends today. I won’t miss it. Click here to find out what I’ve been hiding," he wrote in another tweet.

Additionally, the band shared a new music video for the song "Sign of Life," and Motionless made a TikTok about the hair reveal, both of which you can check out below.

"You look unbelievable I love everything about this!" someone replied to his post on X.

Others took to the platform to declare that Motionless "owns the color purple." Check out some other reactions below.

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Motionless will debut his new look onstage for the first time later today at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival. Last night, the event was evacuated due to a severe storm, so hopefully the weather holds out for the rest of the weekend. See the rest of the lineup by day at this location.

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