I'm sure most of my regular readers think they know at least half the answer to this question.

Image by Wolfgang R. Zissler from Pixabay and Image by 3282700 from Pixabay
Image by Wolfgang R. Zissler from Pixabay and Image by 3282700 from Pixabay

The Alamo

The Alamo was a mission where a 13 day siege took place and still stands (mostly) in San Antonio. It is frequently used as a symbol to "never give up". The fight is couched as a fight for Texas liberty, but some historians say that the history is very troublesome. That's a discussion for another time, today we're here to talk about two men who may or may not have chosen to water down the Alamo grounds.

Greg Doherty, Getty Images
Greg Doherty, Getty Images

The Culprits

I'm sorry friends, you just THINK you know the story of Ozzy peeing on the Alamo. First off, this isn't a matter of Ozzy disrespecting the Alamo, he wasn't thinking, "F' you guys, I'll pee on your monument". It was more of a case of Ozzy just being drunk and taking care of business. Second, Ozzy still DID NOT pee on the Alamo, he peed on the cenotaph, which is a war memorial across from the Alamo (It would still be disrespectful, but not the same as peeing on ground where people actually fought and died).  No matter where he peed, he still had to apologize and was banned from San Antonio for ten years (and became wildly popular after it made the national news).

The Real Villain

A man named Daniel Athens pled guilty to peeing on the Alamo. He was 23 at the time, and get ready for this, he was charged with a felony, that almost sounds made up. It was "Criminal Mischief Of A Public Monument Of Human Burial".  Anthens actually was caught in the act of peeing on the limestone exterior of the building. He could have received 18 months in jail, but appears to have skated by (sources are a little unclear on the jailtime) with a $4000 "fine" to repair any damage his stream caused.

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