HURT fans this one is for you!

And those of you who are not yet HURT fans, well this is event is going to show your what you've been missing out on.

This afternoon our good friend J Loren of HURT reached out to me and let me know he is planning a special event for fans using Facebook Live.

It's been four long years since we have had new music from the band, and unless you were among those lucky enough to catch J when he was touring with Sean Danielsen (of Smile Empty Soul) then you probably haven't gotten to see J do what he does live in at least three years.

That's all about to change though, J is planning to give fans an "evening of acoustic music and maybe some folk tales," using Facebook Live.

In order to b a part of this first you need to go to or and subscribe and then be on the lookout for more details as soon as they become available.

Come on HURT fans let's help J break Facebook.


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