Remember back when MTV actually stood for Music Television and played music videos?

These days the iconic music channel seems to be less about anything music related and all about reality shows.

So where do up and coming artist go to be heard, why YouTube of course.

We have all heard how Justin Beiber was discovered by doing just that.

But, how many of you have heard of someone posting a video of themselves doing a cover of a song by a famous recording artist actually being recognized by the original artist? As you all should know by know, around here we consider J Loren of HURT to not only be one of our favorite artists, we also consider him to be one HELL OF a guy!

Check this out, J stumbled across a cover of HURT's song "Rapture" by a girl named Jessica Haeckel, and he enjoyed it so much he re-posted the video of her singing it on the Official HURT Facebook page.

But, that's not all...

He also has reached out to Jessica on his page and is offering to give her voice lessons, of charge; you read that right, totally free, on him, because he recognizes this girl has talent and a future in the music business.

Check out J's post on the HURT Official page, watch the video, and share his post as well as this one and let's help him reach out to this girl and her band.

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