WRECKERS, Lubbock's newest concert venue, withstood it's first trial by fire Saturday night (7-2-11), as Jackyl returned to town to once again help celebrate KFMX DJ Mike Driver's birthday.

After the sound check featuring Chris Worley's son, everyone enjoyed a relaxing warmup meal at the Depot District Oyster Bar. Jackyl, here for the Red, White And Blue Ball, took the stage around 10:45, and rocked the house for nearly two hours, continually stopping to find some new way to embarrass Mike or to party with their Lubbock  fans.

In addition to the intense music set, the night included killing the Crown Bottle, spankings by the dominatrix, molesting the birthday cake, cutting the cake with the chainsaw (by Jesse during the show) and the cutest naked bottom contest between Jesse and Mike.

Honest, there were two moons out that night! I can't talk about the rest, but if you were there... well, many images have been withheld to protect the children. Videos are being edited and will soon be out.

Carry On...

Yer Wayward Son

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