It's been a 25 year ride for the 'Hillbilly Love Gods' out of Kennesaw, Georgia.

It all comes to a head this Wednesday night (March 29) when the boys make a special stop here in the Hub City.

To say that we're excited about this show in the Driver household would be an understatement.

I've had the pleasure of being along for the ride since the day Jesse James Dupree called me up (from a pay phone outside a 7-11 on Lake Austin Austin, TX) to ask if he could stop by and chat about the bands debut record.

It was one of those moments when you meet someone and you instantly know that 'this dude is special.'

12 albums and 25 years later, I'm happy that he made the call that day.

One thing is for certain ...this show will be a full blown Jackyl production on Wednesday night at Backstage Lubbock.

Make sure to get out there early and check out Lubbock's own The Forty Thieves (formerly Dix Hat Band); Stocklyn; and 'Senior' from the Full Throttle Saloon will be in town slinging a variety of Jesse James Dupree's adult beverages for you all night long.

Doors at 7p.

Fun starts at 8p.

Get your tickets at Ralph's and

Here's what to expect. Wait for it...




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