If Jesse James Dupree is one thing, it's fun. Dupree is the ultimate rock and roll frontman, cussing and riffing with a beer in one hand and his other holding up a middle finger.

Dupree and co. jammed out to a packed house at Jake's Backroom, and the crowd was just as riled up as Dupree. For every shout and off-color joke out of his mouth, the crowd would scream and laugh, throwing up devil horns and tossing back beers in equal measure.

The Hillbilly Love Gods hit all the classics, including "She Loves My Cock," "My Moonshine Kicks Your Cocaine's Ass" and "I Stand Alone." And yes, the chainsaw came out to close the raucous show with "The Lumberjack." The wild singer cut up a stool on stage, leaving the audience covered in wood chips and smelling like gasoline.

Dupree also gave a hearty shout out to Lubbock and FMX's own Driver, even providing a little history lesson on just how far back Jackyl and FMX go.

Check out photos of Jackyl rocking Lubbock, Nov. 18

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