The last time Jackyl was in town was July 2, 2011. Obviously, it's been way too long since our brothers from Kennesaw, GA brought the Jackyl Bar & Grill Roadshow to the Hub City.

On November 18th, the long wait will come to a merciful end as Jackyl returns to Lubbock for a Tuesday night thrill-ride at Jake's.

It's hard to believe that Jesse & Co. have been bringing their "hillbilly circus" to a Big-Top near you for over 22 years now.

I went back and found this from a few years ago. At the time; it's quite clear, I'm still a bit wavey as to what had taken place the night before at the Jackyl show:

"What started out as a loud and proud Jackyl show quickly turned into a Crown guzzlin' contest, a dominatrix with a huge black paddle, and birthday cake being shredded by a chainsaw! I might be another year older, but I can still take a pull off of some Crown Royal, trust me! As for the dominatrix, I don't have a clue where she came from. She just appeared out of nowhere and went to wearing me out with some vicious blows on my ass! Oh, was just reminded by Woody that Jesse and I dropped our pants to see who had the prettiest ass as well!"

Now you know where I'll be on the 18th of November!

Check out Gunner's granny shaking that money maker in this gem from 2010...

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