Two of my favorite rock-stars ( the dynamic duo) have teamed up to give the world their secrets of how they survive life on the road.

Jeff Worley and Roman Glick of Jackyl have co-authored "Dawg Eat Dawg:  A Rock Stars Guide to a Healthy Life while being the Life Of The Party.”

Having been on the road with the band numerous times over the past 25 years, I learned these guys know how to cook some of the best meals I’ve ever eaten; all in a crock pot while tooling down the highway at 80 mph on a tour bus.

The book is broken down into three main categories: We Work, We Eat, and We Drink.

Each section of the book (written with the help of Alex Massios) breaks down life on the road; everything from daily workout programs, tasty drinks, and some of their favorite recipes (even two from yours truly) after living this lifestyle for the past quarter-century .

Get your copy of "Dawg Eat Dawg" from or

Checkout Worley's first book "No Filter: Stories Better Left Untold, Part 1" if you'd like to read some hilarious stories about Jackyl from the early years.

You can also find some very cool Moniker Jewelry  that Roman and his wife create at home in Kennesaw, GA.


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