If you know about Meow Wolf, then you know that every town should have an interactive/ immersive art space to enjoy. I cannot oversell how inspiring, relaxing, and joyous a space like this can be. And now, thanks to the efforts of Sam Gaitan and Destiny Adams, we will see a space like this in Lubbock coming soon. Welcome, The Weird Space.

The Weird Space describes itself as:

A multi-artist interactive art experience complex, simply put. Featuring an overviewing story, multiple art installations with fully interactable elements created by local artists and more!

Sam and Destiny are both very experienced at throwing fun and interactive pop-up events, everything from Taylor Swift parties to spooky-themed markets. The Weird Space will ensure a permanent place to explore and enjoy. It will also provide a space for local artists to not only display their talents but also to sell some merch, etc.

Sam has been running events, galleries, and markets in the community for almost a decade and Destiny has been an advocate and helped with multiple non-profits to help those that need it locally. Combined, we can help not only to bring something fun and new and exciting but bring opportunities to so many!

The Weird Company
The Weird Compan

The Weird Space will have a series of fundraising efforts to help open the facility, including an Indiegogo campaign, a Custom Ink T-Shirt, and some really exciting events. We might even get a goth car wash!

Let's face it, Lubbock has been lacking in amenities for some time now. Having another thing to do that isn't a bar or a restaurant is something we need and something we deserve.

I cannot wait to see how weird it gets at The Weird Space.

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