This is like the hidden ball trick on steroids. Forget just standing on first and faking the throw back using the rosin bag as a decoy, this team in Kansas has to pull the jump, missed ball into the outfield fakey that has a 20% success rate. This isn't a meaningless game either. It's not a summer league game that doesn't matter, it's the quarterfinals of the State Playoffs.

I have to wonder if the coach called this in or if the pitcher just oozes moxie. If the coach called it in it's pretty cool. They would have practiced the move and the middle infielders and center fielder all have to sell it for the plan to work. It's 100 times better if this is organic though, just a nod between the short stop and the pitcher.

Was this on tape? Did the coaching staff hold onto this for the entire year to break it out?

Either way, planned or not, it's a clutch play and I feel for the kid who fell for it. He won't live that down. I bet he sucks at the flinch game too.

The star here really is the sell job by that short stop. He dives and slides for 6 feet then he looks up like he was faked out. Solid. Second best performance is the 3rd base coach reacting after the out. Classic mad coach pose. Hands on hips head cocked to the side looking back over his shoulder.

Just FYI the white team, the Seaman, went on to win the game.

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