I found a pretty cool video called "the Many Talents Of Kate Upton". I'm not real sure if there is any point to it or than giving you few minutes to check out out jaw-dropping hot this lady is.  Holy smokes Kate Upton has got it going on. There should be Kate Upton songs, Kate Upton Chicken Wing Nights and kids should get of school on Kate Upton day.  I've got some awesome video for you next.

For the longest time I was mixing up the names Kate Upton and Kate Middleton.  It's a damn shame, because they each  typify the country they are from.  Upton is an American golden girl while Middleton is a sultry brunette member of English Royalty.  I'd like one scoop of each please!  Here's a video that features among other things, Kate in a very wet t-shirt.

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