Last September, all four members of Decapitated were arrested for suspicion of kidnapping and rape after a concert in Spokane, Wash. Today, journalist Jonathan Glover for The Spokesman-Review reported that all rape and kidnapping charges against the four members have been dropped.

Friday, Jan. 5, Spokane County prosecutor Kelly Fitzgerald filed a motion to dismiss all charges brought against Decapitated, which cited "the well being of the victim" as reason to drop. The charges were dropped without prejudice, meaning the four members of the band could be prosecuted at a future date.

According to The Spokesman-Review, the case revolved around the testimony of the two women who told police they were kidnapped and raped on the band's tour bus after the show. At Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center, police noted "significant bruising to her upper arms consistent with being restrained" and "small abrasions to her knuckles that were scabbed over."

Defense attorneys for the four members planned to cast doubt on the accuser, had the case gone to trial. The plaintiff was deemed untrustworthy by the defense based on an encounter with law enforcement, where she admitted she lied to police in regards to injuries she sustained during an assault when her boyfriend was accused of stabbing three people. The details of her assault at that time were incorrect, and she sustained them during a previous argument by her boyfriend.

As of yet, the members of Decapitated have yet to release a statement on the ruling. We will update with any further new developments in this story.

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