Well ladies and gentlemen, Valentines Day is less than a week away, and if you have not gotten your special someone a gift yet time is quickly running out. My brothers, don't be "that dude" that stops at the grocery store on his way home from work and picks up one of those lame heart shaped boxes of chocolates (that will no doubt be marked 50% off by then), and a clearance bouquet of flowers. Show her you actually put some thought into showing her your undying love.

If you send her flowers, when ordering keep in mind that if you have them delivered to her at work that size does matter. The bigger the arrangement your woman has sitting on her desk the better. Keep in mind the other women she works with will probably be getting flowers from their guys too. She who's man's package is the biggest will have the admiration of all the women in the office.

Flower envy... It's alive and well...

If however, you're more into giving your love something special and unique you might consider a romantic dinner for two, a nice box of candy (again, not the crappy kind you have to break open and see what is is filled with before you'd decide whether or not to eat it), and maybe a nice bunch of flowers with a sweet little teddy bear.

Or,  take it a step further and show your lover you really put some thought into this years gift and show your love will never die, like a vampire or zombie...

Let me introduce you to Ted... the only teddy bear for the truly warped and twisted.

One thing for sure if you take the time to order one of these and no one will accuse you of giving the same tired, dead valentines gift this year.


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