Boy rock stars are macho types.  You just can't find that many sincere rock songs with "love" in the title.  With that in mind, I was able to come up with some that kind of take a different direction.  Get a little of both after the jump:


So, of the love songs we still play (and some only occasionally) that have "love" in title, I only came up with "Oh, Love" by Green Day, "Why Can't This Be Love" by Van Halen and "Love Song" by Tesla.  Now I could come up with more if I reached farther back, but we barely even play these three any more.

On the other hand, I found a bunch that mention love, but either not in a positive way, or more as a euphemism for sex.

Let's start with this years Grammy Winner for Hard Rock/Heavy Metal performance

Drowning Pool lays down the real story with "Love & War"

Godsmack has a little to say on the subject

Kid Rock takes us on the first trip to horny town

David Lee Roth doesn't want you to think he minces words when it comes to 'love'

And let's wrap things up with a little live 'Crue "Ten Seconds To Love"



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