A man has been spotted holding a sign that reads "Talented Barber I'm Giving Free Haircuts" on the side of the road in Lubbock and in Wolfforth, offering his services to those in need.

Several images of him have been circling the internet locally. We came across them and wanted to thank this man for selflessly offering help to our community and the surrounding area. It's not every single day that a stranger offers something for nothing, and a nice haircut can really boost your self-esteem when you are feeling down and out.

There was a period of time in my life when I couldn't afford a decent haircut. Bills were tight, and I couldn't justify spending money on myself. I figured out how to cut my hair alone, but of course, I'm no pro, and everyone could probably tell. When I was finally able to have it cut professionally after several years, I almost cried. I felt like a different person.

I can't imagine how it would feel to not be able to afford to have your child's hair tended to. If you happen to pass this man and you have a few extra dollars, throw them his way. Lubbock and Wolfforth both need more people like this. People that go out of their way to brighten your day, even if it's just with a free haircut.

Feeling better about yourself could be the catalyst that takes you where you want to be in life. Sometimes, all you need is a little pep in your step to get you moving in the right direction.

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