With the end of the BCS era past us and new era of the playoff system being ushered in, let's take a look at how the powers that be in Las Vegas feel the teams around the nation will perform this upcoming football season.

Not surprisingly, Florida State has the best odds to win it all next season at 5-2. Oregon and Alabama share a couple of 5-1 odds.

Oklahoma is projected to be the best in the Big 12 with 12-1 odds to win it all, Baylor with 20-1 odds, Texas with 50-1, Kansas State and Oklahoma State both with 60-1 odds, and then TCU and Tech share a 200-1 odds count. Our old pal Mike Leach has 300-1 odds up in Pullman at Washington State.

With all kinds of recruits flocking to the Big 12, I'd imagine that these change moderately before the season's start, but I will agree that Oklahoma seems to be the clear cut leader of the Big 12 this year. That just leaves more room for Tech to surprise everyone.