It is the year 2001- a new millennium full of hope for the future. No 9/11 quite yet, and no pandemic in sight. You are wearing your incredibly low-rise jeans and/ or a bucket hat. Life is simple and good.

And then you hear Afroman's Because I Got High, probably because you just watched Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Your life will never be the same. You've been infected with an earworm that you'll never quite be able to shake. And that's okay- because the song is a little bit naughty, a little controversial (for the time, no one would blink now) but ultimately it's really just a whole lot of fun.

As someone who was a teen at the time of this song's release, I vividly remember how inescapable it was- every single person alive thought it was hilarious and couldn't get enough of it. But don't call Afroman a one-hit-wonder. Especially since he just went viral for Will You Help Me Repair My Door, a song about how his home was raided (and damaged) by police who ultimately found nothing incriminating or contraband in his home.  The police involved have since moved to sue Afroman because of the real security footage he used in the video.

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Lucky for us, Afroman will bring his hilarious and crowd-pleasing style to Lubbock with a performance at Blue Light Light Live on Wednesday, August 23rd. Tickets are already on sale. You could watch the performance of a future president, too. Just this week, Afroman announced his candidacy to be "Pot Head of State."

Afroman is known for having really, really good live performances. Well-rehearsed and hilarious and with several songs you didn't remember that you knew but now you do. The song One Hit Wonder will give you a nice refresher.

I've said it before- these types of intimate club shows are really the best way to experience an artist. It's going to be fun. Just don't forget to buy you tickets....because you got high, because you got high, because you got high. La de da da da.

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