Y'all just prepare yourselves, because if you've never been to Pluckers, you're about to be in love. I grew up going to Pluckers in Austin, and the fact that there isn't one in Lubbock makes me so sad and confused.

Dear Pluckers,

Here are some reasons you need to come to the Hub City. First off, we're all foodies here and would love nothing more than to have you. There really aren't that many wing places here and, in my opinion, they definitely don't compare to you. I would be y'alls best customer, but that's not the point.

This is a college town and we all love sports and drinking, so it fits your restaurant to a T. With all your awesome drinks, TVs everywhere and specials, it's just a perfect fit. We have plenty of people here to keep that place packed, and we really need to show the South Plains about Holy Mac, one of my favorite things in the world. (Picture below.)

Kelsee Pitman, Townsquare Media
Kelsee Pitman, Townsquare Media

It's such a tease to post about thinking about coming here and leading us on. It got a lot of attention and traffic. Now, we both need each other. This is a market y'all haven't been to yet. Come here, and you will see the support from the community immediately.

We gotta keep it in Texas, baby. It's time to show West Texas what you're all about. I mean, just look at the reaction Lubbock had to your Facebook post:

There has to be a reason y'all posted this. Just look at all those likes, comments and shares!

I mean, every couple years you post it out there and you know we want you. It's just a sign from the Wing Gods that Lubbock and Pluckers is a perfect pair.


Just make sure I'm on the invite list when you decide to open.

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