This is some thrilling stuff.

We kind of need to start with the elephant in the room and that's that this is the type of event that Lubbock has been missing over the last few years. Ever since the Lubbock Colesium was given away, we've had no "dirt floor" type events. We've had no rodeo, no monster trucks, and I'm betting fewer events overall.

Levelland has benefited from our loss by picking up the good folks with the ABC Rodeo and now they'll host Motoextreme Circus. They bill themselves as "America's Greatest Stunt Circus".  Just their attractions alone sound pretty intense:

• The X-Metal Riders
• The Globe of Death with 5 Motorcycles at the same time!
• Sky Masters – Aerial Thrills
• Pendulum Wheel
• The Nuclear Stunt Girls and MORE! (

The event seems priced right too. The website lists tickets at a mere $20 for adults and $8 for kids. That's a pretty darn cheap night out for the family. It also looks like there may be special deals for ringside seats, early purchases, and more.

The event will happen over two nights next weekend on Friday the 4th and Saturday the 5th. If for some reason you are tied up Friday and Saturday, the group heads up to Amarillo on Sunday and Monday (once again showing they probably would have stopped here if there was a place for them to perform).

I also noticed on their website that they sometimes have Powerwheels races and I hope that happens because that sound hilarious.

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