Sorry, I don't care that Lance Armstrong doped while cycling. The difference between doping and using supplements and whatnot is so blurry that I think it's not even possible to draw a line.  As a matter of fact as substances get changed, the line keeps changing too.  Even then, the "Livestrong" foundation has meant too much to too many for it to be abandoned.  In the next few days and weeks the media will be focusing on Lance Armstrong's recent admissions and we shouldn't let those revelations destroy this awesome organization and all it has done.  More after the jump.


Livestrong provides support for people affected by cancer.  You know that little wristband you wear for whatever?  That was pretty much all started by the yellow Livestrong foundation.  Not only did the band provide strength to those who needed it, it inspired others to support their favorite causes through a simple wristband.  The Livestrong push yielded exponential results bringing awareness to thousands of organizations and empowering million upon millions.  Let's not forget that many of those bands were used to raise funds as well.

So what if the Livestrong foundation was built on a base with a few cracks in it? It's now so solid that it outgrew that base many years ago.  Those affected by cancer and those inspired to wear their support for other causes need the strength of organizations like Livestrong.  Information is the most important tool when dealing with any illness or any issue and in my opinion, Livestrong should live long.