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Back in 2016 a woman named Lainey Morse started a huge trend with her business Original Goat Yoga. This involved doing yoga as one usually would, but in the presence of goats that would climb all over you during the class.

Of course, this went viral and became more widespread as people tried it for themselves and really enjoyed the experience. This practice also led to more animals being introduced to yoga studios as a way to give unique experiences that were different from your typical hot yoga or standard yoga class.

Fast forward six years, and there is a new type of yoga has emerged in 2022. A business called Alpaca Treehouse located in Atlanta Georgia, an animal rescue and vacation rental, recently went viral for their very special yoga class.

As an animal rescue, they have a variety of critters living on the property including chickens, alpacas and llamas. They started offering a yoga class called ‘Llama Yoga’ because it took place inside a barn that was next to where the Llamas lived. They didn’t expect the llamas to be directly involved in the yoga class, but that quickly changed when the animals decided to make their way into the barn to join the class.

Now, you can take these Llama Yoga classes and hope to become the special person that Figgy the llama decides to hang out with. I don’t think I’ve seen anything more fun than these classes, and I would love to travel and participate. Better yet, someone in Lubbock should open up a similar business so I can go all the time.

If you want to see more about Llama Yoga, check out @alpacatreehouse on TikTok.

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