First off, don't try clicking on the picture, I'll hook you up with the link in the second. Our friend Lynn Day was recently commissioned to sculpt a giant chainsaw for the guys at the "Full Throttle Saloon". Some how he convinced the guys to switch over to the "Hillbilly Hell Rider" figure instead. The question always is, will he be featured on the t.v. show? There's tons of Sturgis stories that are filmed by never broadcast. At this time we still don't know what will make the final edits for the show, but we do know that they think enough of Lynn's work to feature his creation first on the TruTv/Full Throttle website. More after the jump.

So once again, you never know if 'your story' is going to make the final version of the show.  The good thing for our buddy Lynn is, he sure has mad an impact on the website.  If you click on the "First Look: Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2012"  the first picture is of Lynn's sculpture.  This could mean that they won't show the trials and tribulations of the build, since they're revealing the final result, or it could be a 'teaser' of the things they do this season; you really don't know until the show is broadcast.  Either way, we know that in some shape or form Lynn's work should be on full display during the t.v. broadcast.  If you'd like to check out the entire photo gallery, including Lynn's work in a couple of pictures, click here.

Also, if you really like the sculpture, you can see a 'larger than life' but no way in hell this big "Ghost Rider" version of this statue as well as more of Lynn's work at "Nightmare on 19th Street"


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