We all like having options. Imagine having the ability to choose between 6 kegs of delicious cold beer- and the ability to choose exactly where you drink it. I think I'd choose six Texas-made beers ranging from a good gose to a toe-curling IPA and a nice, clean pilsener to wash it all down, maybe in my parent's beautiful backyard. Sounds delightful, doesn't it?

Well, if you've got $17K, I've got great news for you. Lubbock's The Traveling Tap is now up for sale, according to a recent Facebook post:

Of course, most of us wouldn't buy The Traveling Tap just for funsies, we'd buy it as a business opportunity. According to their Facebook page: "The Traveling Tap is a trailer that can come to your event and service drinks." I imagine it's a huge hit at large parties and big life events like weddings. If you're not big on beer, the tap could also be used for wines or even craft sodas. Lubbock grows some of the best wine grapes in the world, why not celebrate that in a big way? And craft sodas would be a huge hit for sober folks (who are awesome) or even kid's/ teen's parties and events.

Photo by Amie Johnson on Unsplash
Photo by Amie Johnson on Unsplash

The folks at The Traveling Tap have cited a desire to focus on "growing Mukewater Outfitters" as the reason for the sale. I am a very curious person, so I did a little research (read: a Facebook search) and discovered its, "a men's outfitter that consists of a creative collaboration of timeless goods," located in Wofforth, Texas. Neat!

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