Although I grew up primarily in Lubbock, I did spend a couple of my childhood years in Spokane, Washington. Spokane had a large and lovely ice skating rink, and I got pretty good at the basics- I could skate forward and backward and do simple spins with ease. I loved the feeling of zipping through the rink as fast as I could. I also loved getting exhausted and enjoying a hot chocolate afterward.

Imagine how I felt when we moved back to Lubbock, and there was no such thing for me here. At first, I was devasted, but like most kids, I adapted- and picked up a pair of rollerskates.

Lubbock did get an ice rink- the one used for our hockey team The Cotton Kings. I happily skated there a few times when the rink was available for the public. I'm still disappointed hockey fizzled out here- it was quite fun to watch.

Do you long to ice skate? Luckily for us, we will have the opportunity this year.  

Photo by Paul Solomon on Unsplash
Photo by Paul Solomon on Unsplash

Adventure Park is bringing in a temporary rink for ice skating this November and December. If you're worried about it being too hot and melting- don't be. This rink will be made of synthetic ice. Participants must rent skates from Adventure Park or have their personal skates approved for the "ice".  Adventure Park will offer a wide range of sizes- Youth Size 8 to Men Size 15, so chances are pretty good you'll find your fit.

For dates, times, and more details, check out Adventure Park's Facebook Event Page.

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