Lubbock's power company LP&L has garnered so much hatred over the years for screwing people over that you can now join a group on NextDoor called "LP&L Ripoffs" where customers compare ridiculous bills and stories of misfortune.

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It looks like Lubbock might be coming together to organize against these insane bills and frequent discrepancies. It's easy to see why people are angry. Here are just a few stories they shared in regard to the new group in the comment section:

Just makes me SICK...I'm afraid to open my bill every month. Atmos also.

Lp&L cut my daughters service off last week and her bill wasn’t due till the 24th of this month and when she called to find out why this happened they said it was because she had a balance of 8 cents remaining from last month but in the current bill it said nothing about a balance or her owing money and she didn’t receive a disconnect notice or anything! 8 cents!!! I mean come on now! That’s ridiculous! She always pays her bills and they’re paid on time if not early so that’s just crazy for Lp&L to do their customers that way! Absurd!

All we have is electric.., it is really high this month as well.. I figured this was going to happen when we got changed to Ercot…we have a 3 bedroom, but, it’s not really big.. this is ridiculous!!

Lucky for us, Lubbock just voted to allow electric competition in town. Thank goodness. Here's to hoping that soon we'll all have the option to never give LP&L another dollar as long as we live.

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