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If you've ever thought 'Lubbock needs another restaurant like a hole in the head,' I'm right there with you. It seems like we have more eateries than people, and you can't swing a cat without hitting a brand new option.

However, I contend that Lubbock does need one more. Specifically, we need a Salad and Go. Consider this my official request/proposal/petition.

Salad and Go started in Arizona, but is set to open five locations around the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex over the spring and summer. If the metroplex can have five, may we please have just one? Lubbock is closer to Arizona, after all.

If you're not familiar with Salad and Go, you may be puzzled why I think Lubbock needs it. We need it because it's not like anything else here. And that's quite an accomplishment.

The company's mission is to make healthy food as cheap as possible. I think that's something we can all root for. In fact, you can grab a to-go lunch, dinner, and your morning coffee for about $10. That might be cheaper (and certainly easier) than groceries. And these aren't sad salads either:

All the salads are $5.74 — an odd price that doesn’t have much significance, Roberts says, except that it’s surprisingly low. The price includes the option of chicken or tofu on a salad. Customers pay extra for steak or shrimp.

All drinks, including organic iced teas and cold brew coffee, are only $1. If you're hungry for breakfast, they have burritos for $2.99.

How does Salad and Go keep their prices so low? They don't have seating, and thus have a lower overhead.

So please, Salad and Go, consider Lubbock. I really, really need to eat more veggies.

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