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Perhaps more than anything, companion animals have my heart. Dogs and cats are such a wonderful part of life, and I do not think I could have survived this long without my pets. We owe them so much. The best thing we can do to mitigate the suffering of any companion animal is to reduce their numbers until no dog or cat goes without a loving home.

That is achieved by spays and neuters, as animals who give birth in litters can overpopulate quickly and easily. In fact, "one female dog and her babies can have over 67,000 puppies in a six-year timeframe! That's because a dog can have three litters a year with up to seven puppies per litter."

Lubbock Animal Services has majorly stepped up in the last few years to reach a no-kill status, and a huge part of that is controlling the pet population.

On September 15th alone, LAS performed 27 spay and neuters, a daily record. And since they're at over 900 this year, that puts them on track to meet or exceed 1,000 for 2020.

I encourage you to adopt a new friend when you're ready for a new fur baby. I know it's a cliche, but truly, all of my rescues rescued me.

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