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Lubbock artist Joe Escobedo of Buffalo Painting is bringing Halloween to life here in the Hub City with lawn art that is cool, and is it weird to say- incredibly cute? I mean, look at these little fellas:

Joe Escobedo
Joe Escobedo

Don't you just want to squeeze them all... to death? Mwhahaha.

Escodebo is offering a lawn sign version of almost any iconic Halloween character you can think of for only $45. A fantastic deal but when you consider how expensive materials are these days, it's a total bargain. And you'll be the coolest house on the block, which is priceless.

Escobedo does more than Halloween signs, he's done art for one of Lubbock's biggest traditions, Santa Land. He also does large scale commercial art projects for various local organizations, like my alma mater:

Joe Escobedo
Joe Escobedo

Once a Westerner, Always a Westerner. I'm still not entirely sure what a Westerner is, but I am one.

I asked Escbedo why he enjoys painting these characters so much, particularly for Santa Land:

Santaland I do for the children. Last year due to pandemic it was drive-thru, but ordinarily I love their wide bright eyes and the "oooohs and ahhhhs"

That's really sweet. He gets my "ooooh and ahhhhs" for that precious baby IT, but I've always been the weird kid.

Escobedo's orders are already piling in, so if you want to ensure your yard is as spooky-cute as it can possibly be (or just spooky, or just cute, this guy is seriously versatile) you can contact Buffalo Painting at jgr81e@gmail.com or (806)451-2618.


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