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Lubbock Arts Alliance is asking the public to vote on the next installment for the Public Display of Art in Lubbock project.

The project, funded in part through a grant from the City of Lubbock, features pieces from artist Jeffie Brewer.

The colorfully vibrant critters can be spotted at some of the most trafficked intersections in Lubbock. The PDA in Lubbock pieces by Brewer will be displayed until 2021 and are installed with the help of Texas Department of Transportation.

The pieces currently on display are Blue Pag, Tetelestai, Artmadillo, Fuchsia Dog, and Green Burd. They can be found at the following locations:

  • Marsha Sharp Freeway at Ave. L
  • Marsha Sharp Freeway at 19th St.
  • South Loop 289 at Quaker Ave.
  • Loop 289 at Spur 327 (inside and outside of the loop)

Lubbock Arts Alliance has posted pieces they are asking people to vote on for the next installation at another major intersection.

Click here to place your vote for the next piece to be displayed. Visit Lubbock Arts Alliance website for more information about the featured artist and the location of the pieces which are already on display.

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